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– Blue Huck Wipers

Detail information on our Blue Huck Wiper cloth.

– Airlaid Wiper

Detail information on the all-purpose airlaid paper wiper.

– New Cotton Wiper Rags

Detail information on our New cotton cloth wiper rags.  Cloth rags are available in colors or bleached and washed  white, various sizes.

– Reclaimed Cotton Wiper Rags

Detail information on our Reclaimed cotton cloth wiper rags from used or recycled materials.  Cut up pieces of tee shirt / jersey shirt materials in various sizes, colors or all white.

– Air Lay Wiper 17LB

Detail information on our all-purpose air lay paper wiper in approximately 1,100 wipers or 17 lb Box.

– Terry Cloth

Detail information on our New Terry Cloth wipers.
– Paper Wiper Detail information on our Paper Wipers available in Poly Bags and sold by the case.

– Cow Carpet

Detail information on our Cow Carpet – a porous fabric designed to end all mud and erosion problems.

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